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Drake by BryanChalas

Very Nice piece over all. I absolutely adore the way you do the hair, it's defined extremely well. The shirt is well done and the folds and wrinkles are very prominent. As for the face, the Drake's left eye seems slightly off. Although the shading in the eyes is wonderful. A few ways to improve this piece could be darkening the shading. Drake seems to blend in with the background, so perhaps add more skin tone or darken the background so he's more visible. The shading in the face is light and can be added a little more around the eyes and nose to give more depth to the face. Especially between the brow and the eye. The beard is fabulous, it's impressive how you have the short stippled look to it. It seems to fade a little on the side of his face with the hand. You excelled on the lips, it's impressive to see the cracks and highlights in the lips. Not many people go to the effort to do such. Though it is a very strong piece too with challenges involved. Hands are difficult as is, but you nailed it.
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BryanChalas Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the critique it's highly appreciated. I pretty much agree with everything you said about shading the face and nose to add depth. I'll be sure to consider that in my next drawing. As well as adding more tone to his face to avoid blending with the background. Thanks again
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